New Murakami short story collection released in Japan


After spending years on 1Q84, Murakami seems to be on a creative kick for the first time in a few years. First there was Colorless Tazaki Tsukuru (due for English langauge release in August 2014), and now there is a new collection of short stories titled Men Without Women. This is Murakami’s first short story collection in nine years and contains, as per How To Japanese‘s translation:

Forward – 8 pages
“Drive My Car” – 52 pages
“Yesterday” – 52 pages
“Independent Bodies” – 52 pages
“Scheherazade” – 42 pages
“Kino” – 52 pages
“Men Without Women”- 22 pages

After some Google-fu and discovering Murakami’s English language agency page, I’ve found that Yesterday will be in the June fiction special of The New Yorker. So that’s something to look forward to. 

Men Without Women looks like a fairly slim looking collection, which makes me wonder if it will get an English release in its original format. It’s possible that the stories will be released individually in magazines and journals and forego a standalone release. 


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